United States is probably the safer borrower in the world. United States has never default on a loan or debt agreement.  So they don´t have much of a problem to get all the money they need to borrow. The difference is in the price,  interestly enough for a profane in economic terms,  now in troubled times, with big deficit and a lot of borrowing the interest rates that USA has to pay for the money the take is relativity small. Why is that? Because in troubled times people, governments, business and other organizations  tend to look for safe heavens to their money.   So they lend the United States of America. 

There´s a web site called Treasury Direct where you can find information about lending money to the US open an account and get rid of the fees and commissions the middlemen charge.  You can easily have an account and invest directly getting paid according to the agreement and results of the auctions that are frequently hold.   I don´t know if the account holding is only for American citizens (probably) but you can for sure easily invest in USA treasuries (that's the name for the American bonds) in different ways, if your country allows it.

What makes me a lot of fun is this site in destined to kids..............they want the young people get used to lend money to the government from the very beginning of your economic life............or even sooner............... some expect the state to need money borrowing for long.

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