Obama has a lot of tough work lately. 

Several economic high members of the administration are quiting (or being forced to)  Romer and Summers the most significant of them.  Funny thing the much questioned, Gheitner, keeps the job............... guess with so many difficulties to appoint one in the past, the president doesn´t want to start headhunting again. 

Polls point to a November outcome where democrats can loose control of senate and maybe congress

Popularity of the president is plummeting

On the international side, relations with China are not great about the yuan, Europe seems to be out of Obama focus, the Afghan question is rising comments of americans fed up of dying in a country they don´t know where is, not very relevant for them and with very little odds or wining and reaching a stable situation there in the short run.

This are trouble times for Obama, why?  because he´s the president of the United States, and we are living troubled times worldwide.............

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