Financial Times says Zapatero is very bald or very silly .............

Meanwhiled and not connected I was thinking today that all the bad manners of Zapatero with the germans when the Endesa buying try by Eon may probably be very fixed in Merkel, that at the ends is a woman.

The weekend news seems to be Ireland is being rescued, but there are every time more clues about the Germans wanting the owners of the banks, bond holders and other risk taker to pay there part of the party................something so clearly more fair than making the taxpayers pay for everything that is kind of atonish nobody complaining for such a thing

El financial times dice que Zapatero es muy valiente o muy tonto. Los alemanes dicen varias cosas entre ellos que los dueños de los bancos (accionistas) y los poseedores de los bonos de países que necesiten rescate deberían pagar su parte de la fiesta.  Zapatero le dio algunas bofetadas a Alemania con el caso EON-Endesa............. mal hecho!

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