Reading and hearing between lines, one thinks that big forces has started a plan to change the

- The Economist article
- New York Times editorial about Zapatero
- Spain big labor union talking about the legislative term may not end
- Joaquin Almunia, spanish European Comision vicepresident,   answering if "everything is over the table"..!!!
- Merkel and Germany,  the real leaders of Europe at this time sending signals
- Big guys in ECB and around saying they are not making any plans to save Spain,  where I hear something like this before?   oh yea,  with Greece and Ireland........

As I pointed a couple of days ago, nobody is going to give a blood drop for saving the soldier Zapatero.......... in fact maybe some in the PSOE are starting to think about risk some blod for save the country and the party puting him aside

Breve en Español,  la cosa está muy muy malita y leyendo entre lineas parece que algunas fuerzas y poderes facticos podrian estar iniciando movimientos para corregir el rumbo del pais, viendo que esté esta a la deriva.  Hay que estar atento a los acontecimientos.  Si tuviera que apostarme un cafe sobre si la legislatura va a acabarse o si esta se acabará con el presidente al frente .............. tendría muchas dudas, habra que estar atentos las proximas semanas.

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