A 10 % corrections has good chances of occur in the world stocks over the coming weeks. This possibility would be invalidated in case the SP 500 was able to regain the 1320 area, otherwise having touch 1340 some days ago, made a wedge, and break it yesterday to the down side the 1200-1210 area seems a midterm feasible target, with a first stop in the 1260 area.  The moment also seems propitious, as the banks and big hands bought the September deep at 1040 push it to the 1340 and in the last months seems the small people entered the "bourse" again, I know several cases of next door people having bet some euros these last weeks,  when the big fish sell and the small buy we have what´s called "distribution".  You can guess whom of them have better inside information..............

Of course consider that future is always uncertain and central banks big institutions and governments do try to manipulate-influence-support the stocks,  that´s push them to the upside usually.

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