What we are seeing from Japan is terrible, and astonishingly.  The earthquake had it epicenter some 135 km from the north-east cost  in a not very populated area fortunatly, but the images from the tsunami taking farms and flooding hole villages are terrifying.    Had this happen in any most of the world countries the devastation would be enormous, the Japan constuction seems to be superb and that has allow most of the buildings to resit, but the tsunami has probably be too fast to be prevented, so even in such a organized country I´m afraid the victims would be hundreds.  We have our own grieving in Spain for this day, some 7 years ago a bunch of bombs against population take some 192 lives in a terrorist action against civil population.
It seems in the coming years this 11-M is going to have another disaster to remember in this case nature generated.  Our solidarity with Japanese people!

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