At this 5 in the morning hour, things look pretty ugly for Japan.  The nuclear risk has materialized in leaks and Nikkei is loosing an astonishing 14 %  that's more than 20% in two days, a crash.   I was remembering from minute one that  traditional scenery for world markets crash has been this, a Japan earthquake. Though at the beginning it didn't look that bad, the nuclear psychosis has worsen things........ The financial side damage seems by know confined to Japan (and an over-reaction) but sp500 futures seems to be loosing more than 2 %  at this overnight trading time, it has touched the 1260 area I told about  here couple of days ago

Sad days for Japan and everybody.  Lost lives are irreversible a heartbroken tragedy but I'm convinced, Japan is going to come stronger from this. In let's say 5, 10 years time the country (and probably others) would have improve the protocols, the civil construction and the nuclear plants security , with new ones possibly. We'll see again here to comment about this March 11, 2021

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Third explosion rocks Japanese nuclear plant
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